About Me

My name is Winston Jennings, codename MrJentis.

MrJentis stands for Making Recycling Joyous, Educational, and Noteworthy for Tailored Innovative Solutions. This is basically the theme of my website.

This site is dedicated to sharing my unique do it yourself project ideas with others and expressing my creativity with the wider audience.

My intentions are to show you how to recycle common household products and how to make them into something quite ingenious. I'll educate you how to come up with innovative solutions, tailored to meet your needs and to do it such a way that it will bring you great joy and gratification.

Every one of my creation is considered a work of art and I'll show you how to create one too. The essential thing about my projects is that I always use my available resources and ways I can conserve on money while not sacrificing too much quality or originality.

Please note that I am not an expert in any way nor do I want to pretend I know it all. The projects I post here are simply the way I chose to do it and I am sure there are better ways of doing it.

This is the first time I have attempted any of these projects and I consider them as a part of my hobby and passion. I mainly use what little cash I have available to purchase essential items and dig up whatever I can find in my junk collection as construction material.

Most of my knowledge and know-how comes fellow do it yourselfers and from researching the desired area beforehand to familiarize myself with the concepts and fundamentals involved with that particular topic.

I generally use the internet as my main research tool to find interesting articles and occasional YouTube videos which is a big plus. Often times, I get wisdom and understanding from the people around me, as they were happy to pass on the knowledge from one generation to the next.

I feel empowered with all of this new-found knowledge and I exhibit a high desire to share it with everyone. I have a high affinity for electronics and working with sheet metal and thus will be the foundation for my future projects.

I also like to design new things from scratch through the use of recycled products such as plastics, scrap metal and wood to come up with something noteworthy. With each and every one of my designs, I often have to go back to the drawing board if the design proved to be impractical and come up with a new and innovative solution which is the final product you will see on this site.

I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer field and recently completed Module 15 (turbine engines) at the World Class Aviation Academy in the Netherlands.

Please feel free to browse through my webpages to see if anything "catches the eye." I'll make sure to keep my 'do it yourself' articles as informative and concise as possible and I'm looking forward to any feedback you may have. You're welcome to make any contributing suggestions and share your knowledge towards a better solution.

I plan to update this website regularly with new and cool do it yourself projects as often as free time allows, and I hope they may be of interest to others.