My Camera Setup and Me

Camera, camcorder and a lamp. Those are the basic recording and lighting equipment I use in my projects.

OK, so I decided to include a "My Setup" page because I wanted to keep track of the equipment I used to record my projects.

I current own a relatively decent point and shoot digital camera to take stills of my projects. It wasn't particularly good for recording videos so I resorted to my good old camcorder.

Since my intention is to gradually improve the quality of my work, I found this page useful to monitor the upgrades I make to my workstation setup.

Also, I plan to use this page as a means to measure my current skills to that of a true professional. Now, since I’m technically a novice, my setup starts pretty basic. It all begins with a Canon PowerShot SD870IS pocket camera to do all of my photography and videos.As you will see, my photography skills are that of an amateur and I see it as a learning opportunity to perfect those skills. Also, learning basic and advanced photography skills will be new for me and mastering the art would be quite astounding.

I use a 62" Vivitar tripod for recordings.

So, what I'm trying to bring across is that, I don't have a significant advantage over my counterparts, it's just that I have a lot of junk lying around that I thought, might as well put it to good use. I have a thing for recycling and the whole idea of conservation.

It just pains my heart to see such good junk just go to waste. Pun intended. For lighting, I found my desk lamp to adequately brighten up my workspace in low light conditions. I have the white model to this one.

Also, since I have the internet at my fingertips, why not use it to my advantage as a research and development tool and as a means to collaborate with others to do something that really matters.

I also see this site as my personal journal containing my most proud achievements. I wish that in the future, I can see where I'm coming from, how I helped others and how others helped me along the way.

I hope that this story will motivate you to do something productive today and truly unlock your potential.