Project Completed

Now that everything is completed, I look back on the processes it when thought and the new things I learned. This link takes you to the technical specifications of this project.

Here are the final pictures of the build.

Fig.159 the front of the case

One more thing I failed to mention earlier, I cemented the eject button on the floppy disk drive permanently protruded to simulate a disk in the disk. I even molded a fake disk out of body filler to resemble an inserted disk shown black in Fig.159.

The DVD drive is also modified, this time with a hinged door flap to form a temporary handle. To open the drawers above it, the first one that has to open is the DVD drive.

The reason for this is because it acts like a key to open the drawers above it. This is another security feature of the case. The same thing goes for the second 3 1/2" tray.

Fig.160 the beautiful behind of the case

Fig.161 the lovely left side

Fig.162 a demonstration of the largest drawers

Fig.163 the side panel removed revealing a colorful inside

Fig.164 this is the completed VPSU

Fig.165 the fume extractor fan connected

Fig.166 lights on

Fig.167 a few components in the storage drawers

Fig.168 some stuff in the rear compartments

Fig.169 the bin is slightly pulled out in this photo

In the not so distant future, I'm planning to use this case as my hub to make tutorials and more hobby projects with so stay tuned to my website.

Check out this video of the completed project:











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