Technical Specifications

Jennings J143-200

Cooling Unit

Emergency fan Power Unit (EFPU)

Dual Power Source
12V wall adapter and a 12V sealed lead acid battery

Textured Gray Stone


One 80mm SUPERRED CHA8012B 12VDC 0.16A CASE FAN @ apppoximately

2500+/-10% RPM

31.73 CFM

Noise Level: 28 dBA

One 80mm SUPERRED EH8012BS 12VDC 0.14A Case FAN @ approximately 2200±10% RPM

Airfow: 28.89 CFM

Noise Level: 20.9 dBA

Two 80mm ADDA Corp AD0812MS-A70 12VDC CASE FANS @ approximately 2500 RPM

Air Flow: 33.21 CFM

Noise Level: 22.41 dBA

One 12mm EVERCOOL EC12025M12S 12VDC CASE FAN @ approximately 2000 RPM

Air Flow: 74.48 CFM

Noise Level: 29.28 dBA

2 super-bright LEDs

Vertical Stand with dual folding wings

Physical Dimensions

Length x Width x Height

122mmx157mmx335mm (wings retracted)

122mmx330mmx335mm (wings unfolded)


4 lbs

5 lbs (battery included)

Special Features

5 position selector switch

AC/DC mode switch

battery charger

battery charger shut off switch

Battery time

3 hours full load

5 hours low speed

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