The All-in-one Electronic Components Depot

Before this project was built, I used to store all my salvaged electronics in carton boxes and clear plastic bags.

It was real inconvenient for me because the components weren't sorted by any criterion and was a real hassle to find a particular component in my vast collection.

The multiple compartments of this custom case gives me the flexibility to sort thee electronic components by category and by type.

For instance, the 4 main compartments of the case are divided to separate ICs and semiconductors, various types of resistors, capacitors, and motors, respectively. Since I had a lot of other stuff, each compartment also shares space with items such as switches, jacks, a breadbord, CFL circuit boards and solder wires.

Scroll down the page to see the preview images and videos of the 'All-in-one Electronic Components Depot!'

Here is the complete preview video down below

These dc motors were spared from my toys when I was a child. I was always intrigued by these sort of things and I always took care of my toys. Who knew it would have come in handy years later.

This is heat conductive compound for the IC heatsink

Here is a demo of the effectiveness of the lighting system:

As you can see, the workstation is very dark without the light

These are transformers salvaged from a TV circuit board along with heatsinks in the tray.

These trays are for smaller components such as screws and small springs, etc.


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