Lessons Learned

Related Project

Custom Computer Case Safe/PSU Combo

-Writing down a list of features I would like for my project makes it easier to visualize what the final product will look like.

-A case with a tool-less design makes it easier to modify because there are better built-in rails present for the drawers to slide unto.

-When designing a circuit that is not straight forward to understand, its best to do a proper research first to get a better understanding of it and see a few example circuits to make any necessary changes to suit your needs.

-In order to make a concept work, it will be necessary to go back to the drawing board to make changes of the design, shape or dimensions to increase its effectivity.

-For a more unsuspicious look, make minor changes to the exterior of the case when designing handles and knobs. Any major changes or fanciness to the outer appearance will attract attention and defeat the purpose of the project.

-By adding an extra system to the project, it will significantly increase the complexity of the project and will make it a more tedious task to build. Keeping the design as simple as possible increases the likely-hood of the intended function and operation of the unit.

-Limiting the size and number of parts within the unit gives more breathing space inside your case and allows more room to work with.

-Its best to fit all the components together inside the case to see if there is any interference of any moving parts or restriction of any sort.

-When completed, the total weight adds up and can easily exceed 20lbs.