Home-made Pencil Holder

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 1/2 hour

If you want to recycle your tissue rolls after the tissue is finished, then this is a great recycling project for you.

It can help you to organize your messy workspace, show your creative side, and save a few dollars in case you want to buy a ready-made pencil holder.

Here's what you need

- a couple tissue rolls

- decorative paper

- cardboard (for the base)

- office glue

- a pair of scissors

Step 1

Gather all your materials and select your preferences

Step 2

Determine the size you want your pencil holder to be and the desired number of rolls.

For a stylish look, you can cut the tissue rolls diagonally or in half.

Also cut out a piece of cardboard to form the base.

Step 3

Cut and Paste

Cut out the inside and outside shapes of the rolls out of the decorative paper.

Make the cuts slightly over-sized so that you can lap over the edges.

Apply the glue to the rolls, then stick the paper to it.

Remember to decorate the base as well.

Step 4

Assembly time

Once all of the pieces are completed, then it's time to assemble them. Find a placement pattern you like, then paste the rolls to the base.

Once it's dried, then your done.

Populate your newly made pencil holder and show it off on your desk.

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