Perfume Vase Fragrancy

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 15 mins

Perfume bottles these days make great decorative items and people find them very attractive.

Once filled with their lovely fragrances, you just seem to can't get rid of it.

But once it becomes empty, then...

You see where I'm going with this.

Here's a sweet smelling project for you.

Here's what you need

- a flat head screwdriver

- a collection of perfume bottles

- an assortment of artificial flowers

Step 1

Pry off the metal collar

Use the flat head screwdriver to pry off the thin metal collar
(careful not to damage the glass)

Step 2

Discard the crumpled metal

Once the valve has been removed, it can be saved for another project, while the crumpled piece of metal can now be discarded.

Step 3


If the bottle isn't quite empty, then once it is opened up, it will double as an air freshener with your favorite scent.

Now you can put these in your room or wherever you like with that added fragrant touch.

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