One Way to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 1/2 hours

Everyday, we see hundreds, perhaps thousands of plastic bottles being throw away. Some end up in the drains creating a blockage, others end up in the landfills which isn't good for the environment, while others just get burned along with the rest of the trash.

However, there are recycling agencies out there that collect plastic bottles to recycle them, but here's your chance to do some recycling of your own.

Here's what you need:

- a small plastic soda bottle

- a spray mechanism from an empty perfume bottle

- krazy glue

- tape (optional)

Gathering your Materials

bottle and valve mechanism shown above

electric drill and 3/8" bit above

Step 1

Tape the cork (optional)

I found that wrapping a piece of tape around the cork screwed on to the bottle to be the best way to get a perfect hole drilled into the cork.

At first, I tried drilling it without the tape, but the cork was structurally weakened and it cracked into two.

If you can do it without the tape, congratulations.

Step 2

Drill the hole

Make sure to hold the bottle securely while drilling to get the best results. I chose to hold it in a bench vice and made a hole in the center.

good enough for the job

Step 3

Apply glue and fit

The valve should fit snugly for it to be firmly held in place. The krazy glue does an excellent job creating an air tight seal and securing the valve in place.

Step 4

Put on the nozzle and your done

You can do this as often as you wish and see what new uses those bottles may have.

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